Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Group Show

6. Biennale der Zeichnung
(6th Biennial Show of Drawing)

June 28-August 3, 2014
Reception June 27, 8pm

 kunstverein eislingen
Bahnhofstraße 12
73054 Eislingen, Germany
Tel. 07161-88881
Fax 07161-83884

Danja Akulin / Anica Blagaj / Leonie Brenner / Guillaume Bruère / Christian Frosch / Wolfgang Gäfgen / Niko Grindler / Katrin Günther / Peter Nikolaus Heikenwälder / Brigitte Heintze / Erwin Holl / James Howell / Wonkun Jun / Christiane Löhr / Wolfgang Petrick / Bruno Raetsch / Zipora Rafaelov / Susan Schwalb / Petra Schweifer / Ralf Tekaat / Nisrek Varhonja /Voré / Brigitte Waldach / Barbara Wrede 

Toccata #76, 2013, 14x14in, gold/silverpoint, copper & aluminum wool pads,
                              colored pencil, graphite on clay coated paper

Sunday, June 1, 2014

Group Show

New Prints 2014/Summer  
  MAY 30 - JULY 1, 2014  
International Print Center of New York
 508 West 26 Street, 5th FL New York, NY
  Opening: Wednesday, June 4, 2014, 6-8 pm  
  Preview for Artists and Members: 5-6 pm  
 The show will travel to Christie’s, 20 Rockefeller Plaza, New York, NY from July 9 – July 16, 2014. Reception: Monday July 14th, 2014, 6:30-8:30pm.          
Jurors: Rosaire Appel (Artist, Writer, Bookmaker), Miranda Leighfield (Director, David Krut Projects), Susan Lorence (Private Dealer), Fred Mershimer (Artist, Teacher), Madeline Stratton (Cataloguer, Prints and Multiples Department, Christie’s, NY), and Kit White (Artist and Professor).   
Artists in this show: Kathy Aoki,  Liz Bannish,  Melanie Bentley,  Serena Bocchino,  Austin Boechler, Douglas Bosley, Simon Brejcha,   Emily Chaplain,  CathyJean  Clark,  Carmon  Colangelo,  Douglas  Collins, Luca  Cruzat, Marianne Dages,   Kristine DeNinno,  Robin Dintiman, Lauren Drescher,   Barbara Duval, Ken Frink, Anne Gilman, Karinna Gomez, Richelle Gribble, Anthony Holmquist, Gesine Janzen, Jane Kent, Katerina Kyselica, Jim Lee, Jeremy Lundquist,  Wangui  Maina,  Brenda  Malkinson,  Margot  B.  Myers,  Indrani Nayar-Gall,  Barry O’Keefe,  Howard Paine,  Bill Pangburn,  Darina Peeva, Kate Petley, Sandra Porter, Clifton Riley, David Sandlin, John-Mark Schlink, Susan Schwalb, Brian Shure, Grace Sippy, Ana Sladetic, Jelena Sredanovic, Kelsey Stephenson, Rob Swainston, Tom Virgin, and Cleo Michelle Wilkinson.  
New Prints 2014/Summer consists of lithographs, monotypes, letterpress, intaglio, woodcuts and many other forms of both conventional and exploratory printmaking techniques. A portfolio of etchings by Susan Schwalb presents a musical narrative of movement and color entitled "Chamber Music".