Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Two-person show

Susan Schwalb and Erika Winstone

November 11-December 5, 2015
Private Viewing: Nov. 10, 6:30-8:30pm

Arthouse1, 45 Grange Road, London SE1 3BH  Hours:Thursday-Sunday 3-7pm
Aurora #45, 2015, 18x18in (45.7x45.7cm) brass, copper, black gesso on paper

"Tarnished" presents the work of these two contrasting artists as they
 orchestrate permutations of tarnish, lustre and luminosity in a range of new works on paper, canvas, video and installation, confirming this ancient technique as a vital medium in contemporary art. Schwalb's drawings use the classical Renaissance technique of metalpoint in ways that challenge all the traditional concepts.Juxtaposing a wide variety of metals (silver, gold, brass, copper, platinum, pewter, bronze and aluminum) she obtains softshifts in tone and color reminiscent of the luminous transparency of watercolor. Horizontal lines and tone evoke an atmosphere of serenity, and the shimmer of light on the surface, created by the metals, is quite unlike any of the usual effects of metalpoint. Schwalb has been working within a square format almost exclusively since 1997. An even grid of narrow horizontal lines forms the basic structure of her drawings and paintings. But unlike the work of Agnes Martin, with whom she is often compared, this geometric regularity serves as a spatial context for irregular events on the surface. In recent works, Schwalb creates a counterpoint between fine lines drawn with a stylus and broad swatches of bronze or copper tones.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Group Show

Drawing with Metal

Lucie Beppler, David Connearn, Benjamin Cottam,
 Marietta Hoferer, Sam Messenger, Susan Schwalb, Dillwyn Smith, 
Damian Taylor, Erika Winstone
September 10-October 10, 2015
Reception: Wednesday, September 9  6-9pm

Patrick Heide Contemporary Art
11 Church Street
London NW8 8EE, UK
44 (0) 20 7724 5548

Improvisation #1, 2014, 30,5x62cm, gold/copper/silverpoint on ivory Plike paper